e-Commerce Warehousing & Distribution in Europe

E-commerce Warehousing & Distribution in Europe

E-commerce warehousing and distribution in Europe is an increasingly important segment of e-business. With the ever-rising share of sales going through online markets and the decline of brick-and-mortar businesses, a new need has emerged. The convenience of buying things online is oftentimes outweighed by the long delivery times. This has created a market need for a solution that would cut down on the delivery times without the expense of keeping a physical store. The answer to this was e-commerce warehousing and distribution in Europe.

This approach avoids the upkeep cost of keeping your own store where potential buyers would have to come and make a purchase. It also cuts down the delivery times since all your wares are stored in one warehouse with amazing international connections. Having your e-commerce warehousing and distribution located in Europe connects you to the whole world.

Why Choose Vareya?


Vareya’s location is in the heart of European trade, in the Netherlands, which has been the de facto trading hub of Europe for centuries. The Netherlands is a part of the European Union, and they have a variety of trade deals with other countries. Those treaties make it the best place for doing commerce. What this means for you is quicker shipment with a fraction of the cost.

Resource Optimization

What we offer is for your company to profit from those advantages by delegating the logistical side of storage and shipment to us. Making an impact on the market can be hard at times, even for companies located in Europe. And the problems a company encounters when handling storage and shipping on their own puts added strain on the cash-flow of the business. Less capital means less opportunity to invest, innovate and expand. And in the world of globalized markets, that’s as good as a death sentence for the corporation. By opting for Vareya solutions you can avoid all the waste in manpower, time, and resources that others spend on warehousing and shipping.

Our professional warehouses also provide flexible storage, experienced staff, and modern ICT-software. This allows you to upgrade or downgrade the storage capacity as necessary. This way you will only pay for storage and staff that you are currently using and save additional costs.

Value-Added Services

An attractive part of e-commerce warehousing and distribution in Europe for our partners have been VAS. Value-added services include repackaging or re-branding of your product. By doing this we can help your product hit the market with more of a splash. Customers love receiving well-packaged products and seeing recognizable brands. This creates a positive image of your product. It also builds brand recognition over time. That way, anytime you add another product to your product line the buyer already knows it’s a quality buy.

Bonded Warehouses (Customs-Entrepot)

Beyond what we have already mentioned, our warehouses are licensed as bonded warehouses. They have a special status within the customs law. Bonded warehouses allow you to store your goods that fall under customs duty without immediately paying the taxes. This allows you to maintain liquidity while your product is awaiting a buying order.

Once the order comes through, you can either pay the customs taxes from the profit made. Or even avoid it completely if the product is being re-exported. We offer our help in this regard as well. For example, we can help you with handling the T1 form.

The T1 form enables you to ship goods that are still “under customs” from one European country to another.

Our bonded warehouse (42000m2) in the Netherlands has a customs authorization level C. This means that we can receive, store and ship goods that are under customs. And because of our AEO-F (Authorized Economic Operator) licensing we can increase the speed and flexibility when it comes to customs.


The various e-fulfillment, warehousing and distribution services we provide can help your company become more competitive. Our internationally recognized licenses are proof of our dedication to providing the best possible service to all our clients. In that sense, we can take care of all the things that go on “behind the scenes”, and you can focus completely on your business. All the while you can have peace of mind, knowing that all the business is handled professionally.

It doesn’t matter if your company is a start-up or well-established. It doesn’t matter if you want to gain a foothold in the market or optimize it to perfection. We can help you get there.