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e-Fulfillment Services

Throughout the past decade, retail has changed dramatically. Brick and mortar businesses are becoming a rarity. And online sales are comprising an ever-increasing portion of profits made in retail. The consequence of this shift towards e-retailing is that the market is getting more competitive every day. Of course, in this competitive world of online retail, any advantage you can get is more than welcome. Having a great line of products is still the most important part of your retail business, of course, as is marketing and a good site. But all of that love and hard work you put into it may go to waste if the delivery service loses the package, or if you mislabel the package.In addition to that comes the risk of the goods being damaged during transit, and the customer having to return it. Returns are a pain to handle and take away valuable time from you — time that would be better spent on improving your product range or promoting your business.

All-Around Fulfillment Solutions

E-fulfillment is a one-stop solution to all of those problems. It includes everything between your wares arriving at our facilities and us shipping them to your customer. That means that we receive the product, we then sort and tag them, so that they can be stored and accessed easily. Once an order comes through your online retail business, we handle the shipping of the product — with the utmost care that the packaging and addressing is done properly. In case the customer feels it necessary to return the shipment, we handle all of that too. Whether you are just starting out with online retail, or you’ve been in the game for a long time, our fulfillment center services will make your business more efficient, more profitable, and more competitive.There’s no need to hire extra hands just to package and address the products you are shipping. There’s no expensive overhead you would have to pay for storage space. As an added bonus, we will keep you up to date with precise information on your current stock, so that you can keep your wares at the optimal level between supply and demand. In other words, you can ensure that you always have enough products to meet the demands but at the same time, you don’t have to overstock and waste resources on storage.

Reliable Statistical Information

Another issue with online retail is that keeping track of all your sales data can be time-consuming and require greatly expanded IT sectors and additional manpower. Our company’s smart ICT solutions seamlessly interact with your sales page, providing you useful information on inventory, tracking sales and returns, as well as goods flow.

Fulfillment Integration

Increased Access to International Markets

Finally, the perhaps most important aspect of the services we offer is quick shipping to international markets. We benefit greatly from our advantageous geographical position in the Netherlands, which
gives us the ability to ship your goods throughout Europe quickly and reliably; while our connections and experience in transport guarantee that shipments sent outside of Europe arrive in the shortest time possible.

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