Order Picking

A good structured order picking system

Order Picking

Order picking is the process of locating and collecting products based on an order. Once an order comes in, the workers go about identifying the package and collecting it from the warehouse. Afterward, they are sent out for shipment. Different delivery notes may be included with the shipment, for example, an invoice with a personal message to the client

Order Picking Process

When you entrust a warehouse with your goods you want to be sure that this happens fast. The order must stay intact, and it must be delivered quickly and in its entirety to your customer. In order to achieve that a well-organized order picking process is essential. We complete the picking of every packing slip before starting another. Orders may be picked on an individual basis. They might also be picked by groups, for example, those that are bound for the cooling or freezer department.

Barcoding and Scanning

Order picking is inextricably connected to warehouse management. When collecting orders, the workers use manual scanners to scan the barcodes on the products. The code on the packing slip provides the exact location of the product. Afterward, the system needs to be updated. This is done with our ICT- software. The barcodes or tags on the products give a confirmation to an ERP-system (RFID-system) to ensure the right products are being picked and the inventory stays updated. There are different innovations in software and technology that make order picking easier. The most important one is the barcode scanning. But order picking might be done even without barcode scanning. We have headsets for voice-guided warehousing and order picking. This method is also known as “voice picking”. In it, the worker is guided through an audio system to the precise storage location. They confirm the picking instructions by voice commands. Finally, they retrieve the product and send it off to shipping

Other Software Systems

Order picking technology is developing fast and the process can now be done with automated assistance. We distinguish partial automatization (or co robotization) and complete automatization (robotization). An automated storage and order picking system is called an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS). We have sophisticated technological solutions for making this process quick and reliable. With our Warehouse Management System and other ICT solutions, order picking is done quickly and carefully every single time. Mistakes are unlikely to happen because the majority of the work is done by the software. We take great care to register all incoming products before storage so that they can be easily retrieved once an order comes in.

Faster Shipping With Our System

The aim of our company is to make sure that once the order comes through it is immediately being processed. No waiting times in between, thanks to our software being integrated directly with the webshop. And no delay once the order has been processed since we have the exact location of your product stored on a barcode or packing slip. Delegating this portion of your business to us will take unnecessary stress away from you and your company. You can invest that energy into expanding your corporation. At the same time, you can rest easy, knowing that we have built up a fantastic system to handle your order picking needs.

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