Good return processing is essential for any webshop

Returns process

Having a fast and effective processing of returns is essential for an online store that sells physical products. Return handling basically is a way to provide extra service to the customer and have a positive influence on the client’s experience. And a positive client experience increases the change of re-purchases. .You could outsource the complete handling of your returns to us. We will receive your returns and update inventory in our systems including the status and reason of return and quality checks.

Returns Software

Reports can be sent daily about the received returns, you just have to log in to our system and check the current status. By using our smart ICT-solutions and software our clients have complete insight about their inventory and status of shipments.The process of return is completed once we have received the retuned products and checked and stored them again as inventory. A credit invoice can be sent to the customer and the administrative registration can be completed.

Let us do the work

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