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In the process of warehousing and distributing goods transportation is a sub-process that crops up at every level. It can mean the transfer of goods to our warehouse. It can also be the intermediate transfer of goods from our warehouse to a factory where they will be processed and then transported back. It can also be the final transportation of goods to our distribution centers where they are loaded onto shipping vehicles. Since it is all-present in the process, it is important that it functions smoothly and reliably. To achieve this goal, a centralized management system is necessary.


Transportation and Distribution

Once the products are picked, packaged and labeled they are ready to be shipped off to the end-customer. This process of getting the item to the customer is called distribution. While it is part of the same (logistics) sector as transportation, it has different elements. Distribution is always the last step in the process. It is treated accordingly with especial focus on convenience and time management. The customer dictates where and when they want to pick up the product and we try to accommodate their needs.
Transportation, on the other hand, is by and large an internal process. It includes all the differentsituations in which your product needs to be moved somewhere else. In the cases of production supplies, raw materials or semi-finished products this can be the first step. In other circumstances, it can be a point of moving the product from one warehouse to another for convenience or efficiency of dispatching it. With this, as with all other of our services, we consult with our clients beforehand. This ensures that no decision is made without the express wishes of our clients being taken into account.

Software Systems in Transportation

An important element in managing this workload of transportation throughout the process is the Transport Management System (TMS). The TMS calculates optimal transport routes and the most cost-efficient transport resources. It also handles the administrative registration of all transports. In addition to the TMS, we also use sophisticated technological systems like various cargo-exchange systems and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). These systems make sure that all working parts of the process are updated on the status of the products. For example, when they are shipped and in transit or when the estimated time of arrival is. In tandem with our professional staff, this enables us to have everything working so that no time is lost.

All-Around Service

We offer our clients transportation services that go above and beyond just delivery. We are able to handle complex schedules of intermediate transportation as well. With the help of our software systems, all the products are registered in the database at all times. This allows both us and the client to know their precise location and status at all times. The rest of the process is taken care of by our professional staff that handles every product with diligence and care. Beyond that, our wide network of shipping resources and routes allows us to choose the option that fits your needs the best from a large pool of possibilities.


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