Inventory Management

Better management by outsourcing

Inventory Management

As your business grows in size and becomes more successful, inventory will be an increasingly important issue. How many products do you need? How much space? Where is product A stored? Can you access and retrieve it quick enough to not disrupt the delivery process? All of those questions can be answered by inventory management systems and practices. Inventory management is the management of the flow of goods within a warehouse. It’s an integral part of E-Fulfillment and warehousing. If you are engaged in e-commerce you want to provide the best possible service for your customers. This requires you to have a diverse catalog of products always available and in stock. Beyond that, you need those products delivered as quickly as possible with as little cost as possible.

Cost-Efficiency Balancing

This, in turn, means that you have to use your storage space wisely. Using valuable storage space for much more stock than you need is a waste of your money. Similarly, using too big of a storage space for a relatively small number of products is a waste of your resources. The goal is to have just enough at any given moment. Just enough space and just enough wares to fill it. That way nothing goes to waste. This gets trickier the bigger your company gets. With more sales, you will have to face more storage management. Renting your own space can be expensive either way and most of the time you end up with too little or too much space anyway. Plus, you have to pay for insurance, handle safety policies, hire extra staff and spend more on shipping. Outsourcing presents a good option for many webshop owners.

Better Management Through Outsourcing

By outsourcing your inventory management, you get professional service without having to build it up from scratch. We provide an effective way of inventory management with the goal of saving you time, money and frustration. We handle everything from receiving your goods, checks, and controls, to registration and storage. Your products are insured against water damage, fire damage, and theft.

Software Systems in Inventory Management

To ensure optimal inventory management we use a Warehouse Management System (WMS). We are also using Electric Data Interchange (EDI) and Extensible Markup Language (XML). All of these systems work in tandem with our professional warehouse team. This helps us integrate technological systems with the traditional methods we use like Just In Time (JIT), First In First Out (FIFO), First In Last Out (LIFO), etc. By combining sophisticated technological solutions and traditional management methods, as well as a well-trained employee base, we are able to balance your inventory very effectively. This means that you will never pay for unused space. You will always have insight into your current inventory. That information will be regularly updated through our software systems. And beyond that, we will gladly consult you on the best way to use your storage space based on the information we have.

The Benefits of Better Inventory Management

This puts you on the fast track towards better business overall. With no unnecessary delays in the warehouse, your product gets to its destination quicker. A well-received product will result in better-satisfied customers. And satisfied customers mean more profit. Professional inventory management simply pays for itself.

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