Re – Packaging and Re – Branding


Presentation is an important part of business in general. A good presentation directs the attention ofyour customers to your brand. It creates brand recognition and fosters brand loyalty. As you build outyour company, your brand will grow with it. Packaging is the best way to immediately catch the attention of a customer and create a visual representation of what your company’s aims are. Therefore,it’s extremely important for your products to be shipped out inadequate packaging. Your product mightbe the best on the market, but how you package it is the first thing the customer notices.

Receiving and (Re)Packaging

Wares usually arrive at our warehouses in bulk. This can mean several boxes, a pallet, or even a container shipped directly from the factory. Since the products are rarely sold wholesale, but rather individually, we must package (or re-package) them accordingly. Packaging and branding are just another part of the services we offer to our clients. We have all the necessary facilities in the warehouse to package or re-package your products. This means that they don’t have to leave the warehouse at all, saving cost and time in the process. A few examples of our packaging options are standard packaging, labeling, sealing, sleeve packaging, and cellophane packaging.


Promotional packaging or re-branding is also a part of our services. This service especially is becoming ever more popular with our clients. Promotional packaging gives our clients the opportunity to put their brand’s personal touch with a promotional label before sending it out to their customers. Re-branding can be especially interesting to our partners from outside Europe who need their product packaging to be adapted for international markets.This process usually involves a seller that imports some products in bulk. However, they wish to sell it individually and would like to put their own brand on it. We receive the product in bulk from the factory and re-package it according to their instructions. Once the packaging is done and our client’s brand is on the product, we ship it to their customers. This way our clients still retain the stylistic freedom in deciding how the product packaging should look, while not having to worry about the process of re-packaging it themselves. The results are always a positive influence on their brand image and recognition.

New Market Opportunity

Our goal with our packaging and branding services is to help our clients reach a wider audience and build their brand. With this part of our business, as with any other, we aim to provide excellent service while cutting down on time and expenses. Thanks to our modern facilities and well-trained team we are able to provide exactly that. Entrusting us with your packaging and branding needs can significantly reduce the time and resources you spend on building your brand.

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